That is the Poor Kids’ Line

Mothers and children stand in a line, waiting their turn at the window to turn in their papers.  The paperwork isn’t for anything fun, it’s not for anything they want to be a part of but it’s something they have found they need to be a part of.

Mothers occupy themselves on their phones, feeling slightly embarrassed to be in this line while using their smart phone, but the truth is the phone is not the latest model, and they got it for free with their latest upgrade.  As a mother of three children, having a phone so they can reach her isn’t just a priority, it’s a necessity.  She stares at the screen of her phone desperately trying to avoid being drawn into a conversation with anyone, trying to pretend she is anywhere but here.

The kids, on the other hand, stand as if they are awaiting the firing squad.  Heads down.  Eyes averted.  Trying to make themselves as small as they possibly can.  Hoping and praying they don’t see anyone they know, and more importantly that no one they know sees them.  A few hours ago they were happily playing a video game, and now they find themselves here standing in the line no one wants to be in.

That's the Poor Kids' LinePhoto from Flickr


I have never felt beautiful

When someone tells me that they think II was tagged a few days ago to participate in the “I feel beautiful” challenge that is going around on Facebook.  If you haven’t seen this particular Facebook meme it works like this, a friend uploads 5 pictures of herself that make her feel beautiful, and she tags 5 friends to do the same thing.

The only problem is, I don’t feel beautiful.

I have never felt beautiful.

I don’t have a single photograph of myself from my entire lifetime where I look at it and think that I looked beautiful in the picture, or that I felt beautiful on that day and time.

To put it simply, I have never felt beautiful.  Ever. (more…)

She Moves Me When She Dances


And now, she stands center stage, alone in the spotlight waiting for the music to begin.   I see her slightly exhale, and know she is picturing her dance in her mind, picturing doing her very best.  Leaping higher than ever before, turning with discipline and perfection!

The emcee announces her by name, my baby.  My girl.  The name I chose for her when she was still inside me.

She was annoyed with me when she went on stage, because I was fussing with her hair, applying another coat of lipstick, making sure her costume is perfect.  It is.  She is.  She is beautiful, inside and out.  But when she dances she is heavenly.  She is grace. (more…)

The more I learn about ADHD, the more I see it in the mirror

I see ADHD

Like most parents do when their child was diagnosed with any sort of condition I began to research and read everything I could get my hands on about ADHD.  Even though I had always strongly suspected that my husband was ADHD, I was still a little surprised with how many traits I began to notice that he had in common with both our son and the average ADHD child.

Even more surprising than that is the number of traits I have begun to see in myself and many other people around me!

What I’ve always considered an ability to multi task may actually be a need to be doing multiple things at once to keep my brain stimulated enough to focus. (more…)

Ladies Only Blog Share: Summer Downtime

Ladies Only Blog Share

Summer is running full steam ahead–and I mean that STEAM part literally!  We’re enjoying a short break from the normal July heat here in the midwest but if sweat = weight loss I’d be a supermodel!  Before we know it the kids will be back to school, I had to register my youngest earlier this week already!  While we can let’s enjoy the summer!  Share your favorite summer post-recipes, activities, memories anything goes!

And be sure to visit my amazing co-hosts! (more…)

Watching Television with my Husband…Always an Adventure!

If it weren’t for my husband’s need to hold a clicker and constantly bounce around channels we would have long ago cut the cable cord and watched television programming strictly through a service like Netflix or Hulu.  As it is, the mere mention of not having hundreds of channels at his disposal to watch on demand, bouncing between a half dozen different programs at once makes him break out in a cold sweat of fear.

watching television with my husband

This past Friday night we settled in for that classic old boring couple’s night of television watching and relaxation.  We have not had an evening free in several weeks so I was eagerly anticipating some relaxation time with the television lulling us into a near comatose state. (more…)

Tips for Photographing a Child with Autism-For Parents & Photographers

Tips for Photographinga Child withAutism

There is a ton of pressure involved in getting the perfect family picture taken.  Whether you’re planning to use it for your holiday card, or frame it for your family room wall as parents we want to get it right.  We want to create that perfect Norman Rockwell inspired moment that we can look at and smile, that we can show our friends and family for years to come. (more…)

I’m done biting my tongue

I'm done biting my tongue

I’m done biting my tongue.

I’m done letting people around me hurt me or those I love without having my say about it.  I’m done watching people who are supposed to have my best interests at heart, or who are supposed to love and support my family do subtle things to sabotage us. (more…)

Stress and Creativity

stress and creativity It’s only in the more recent years that I have fully accepted that I am a creative person.  A big part of me wanted to be able to be creative but also be able to think, act, and react like “normal” people (whatever THAT means).  But the simple truth is, I will always think, act, and react like a creative person.  My creativity influences almost everything I do in life. Likewise, my life influences my creativity.   (more…)

Having a sick husband is remarkably similar to having a sick child

Last week, late on Thursday evening, my husband started complaining that his stomach hurt.  I should have seen red flags when he asked for Pepto to take, and willingly took it.  Usually I would have to hog tie him to get him to take medicine and usually it’s just not worth the fight.  I figure if he’s sick enough, he’ll take it.  I blame myself for not seeing the symptoms since I had battled a migraine all day long and was exhausted…all I wanted was to go to sleep.  So, I gave him the Pepto and went to bed.

Sick Husbands and Sick Kids Have a Lot in Common

As I laid there trying to fall asleep while he tossed and turned the thought came to me, that having a sick husband has a lot in common with having a sick child. (more…)

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