This post is guest written by my most favorite teenage girl ever, my daughter.  I’m so lucky to have raised at least one child who is as passionate of a reader as I am!  Between the two of us I’m pretty sure we’re keeping Barnes & Noble in business.  Colleen Hoover is one of her favorite authors and when she recently found out she will be in our area this summer she is begging me to buy tickets so we can go and meet her in person!

This is her first book review, I’ve been asking her to write them for me for a while but her English teacher is what clinched the deal when she offered her extra credit for each one she did.  (Doesn’t matter that she already has a 100% average…she loves extra credit).


Maybe Someday

Colleen Hoover is the author of five other books and one novella. This by far has been my favorite; it wasn’t the cookie cutter young adult novel. Maybe Someday is accompanied by the Maybe Someday album by Griffin Peterson. For me this added a new way to understand Ridge and Sydney’s pain.

One when Sydney is sitting in her apartment balcony, which she shares with her best friend Tori. She is watching a young man, around her age, play guitar. He asks her to contact him and help him write lyrics to the songs that he has been playing.  But went along with it any way and texted him.  They talk and she agrees to send him the lyrics to one song.  Then on her birthday Ridge decides that he can’t keep the secret from her any more, even though he knows that it will kill her.  Hunter and Tori were been sneaking behind Sydney’s back.  Ridge asks Sydney to move in with him and his two roommates, because she can no longer live with Tori.  Sydney and Ridge continue to write songs together for a while despite Ridge’s inability to hear any of the songs they are writing. Sydney and Ridge both realize that they have feelings for each other, despite Ridge’ s girlfriend and Sydney just getting out of a relationship.  One day Sydney walks into the bathroom to find Maggie, Ridge’s girlfriend, on the floor passed out and they have to take her to the hospital and that’s when Sydney finds out about Maggie’s CFRD. While Maggie is recovering in the hospital and Ridge ran home, Maggie read all of Ridge and Sydney’s conversations on Ridge’s laptop.  Ridge finally asked Sydney to move out, so Ridge’s friend, Warren, helped her move into a hotel then her own apartment. One day they convince, secretively, to go to this club and Ridge surprised her by playing new songs he wrote for her. Sydney then surprised him by showing that she learned sign language.

Maybe Someday

 Maybe Someday

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