Like many bloggers regularly emailing my followers and subscribers was always on my list of things I knew I should be doing, but I never did.  I found that the tools available to me in my budget ($0) were a pain in the a$$ to use, and their tracking an analytics were ridiculously difficult to use.  To the point that I just did not use them.  When I did send out emails I would just hack something together in my Gmail and call it a day.  Since that’s rather time consuming it didn’t happen very often!

And then something glorious happened!  I spotted some emails from a fellow blogger I admire and noticed they were gorgeous.  At the bottom there was a link indicating she had put it together using Mad Mimi, I was intrigued.  Did she have a crazy aunt Mimi she kept in the closet, Mimi apparently had mad emailing skills so I wanted a mad aunt living in my closet, too!

To my surprise Mimi is neither Mad, nor living in my friend’s closet.  Which is probably good since my closets are a mess and wouldn’t really work for keeping crazy relatives in.  (Trust me, I’ve considered the possibilities!).

Mad Mimi makes composing a message as easy as drag & drop images.  Compose text,  Hit send.  Literally that’s all there is to it.

Mad Mimi Makes Email Marketing Easy


Mad Mimi will store, and manage your mailing list for you, it’s as easy as uploading an Excel file.  They will then track which addresses bounced so you can remove them from your list.  You can also see exactly who opened your email, clicked through, marked it as spam, or forwarded it to a friend.

Mad Mimi Makes Email Marketing Easy


There are tons of features you can pick and choose from, including an affiliate program that I am a part of (if you click links in this post I will receive a small percentage compensation), however all the opinions here are mine and I had actually decided to write this post even before I knew about the affiliate program!

You can choose from options like including your social media links, connecting to your Google Analytics account, having multiple users, there’s a Chrome app, and an Etsy plug in that will help you track sales if you have that sort of thing happening on your site.

I have, however, saved the most important detail for last so pay attention.  They have the absolute best customer service I have ever seen!  When you send them an email asking a question, a real person actually answers your email and your question.  Not with a copy/paste script but with an actual answer.  If you are stuck and maybe a little technically challenged they will make sure you accomplish what you’re trying to do.  It’s literally like nothing else I have seen–exactly how customer support should work!

How much does all this amazingness cost, you ask?  Great news, it fit in my budget which if you were paying attention was $0.  There are paying plans available as well that offer additional features above those I listed above, you can check them out on their website.  They start at just $42 a month.

I can’t say enough about how amazing this platform is for bloggers, and for anyone doing email marketing.  It’s fast, easy, and the emails are gorgeous!  Want to be sure of that last one?  Subscribe to my email list!


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