How Long Should a Mattress Last?

I changed my mattress last week. We bought the mattress about 7 years ago. When changing the mattress, I learned something about mattress age.

Have you ever heard replacing new mattress? I am pretty sure that many of us will surprise about it. We do not buy a new mattress because mattress is not cheap and it becomes one of the less important things in our household item. However, several experts often recommend us should change a mattress on a regular basis. So, how long should a mattress last?

Why we have to care about mattress lifespan?

Sinking condition

Sinking is a problem which happens when your mattress cannot have strong enough in the supportive sleep flat. The foam is made to recover its shape after you get up, but the time will decrease its capacity to keep the original shape.

how long should mattress last


When it appears, you probably find out a sinking effect in the mattress surface. This is a commonplace situation in most couples as both of them have the similar sleep positions and areas each night.

Body Senses

Body senses are another effect of mattress sagging. Your body will leave a semi-permanent imprint on the mattress surface, making a bumpy sleep flat which narrows movement on the bed. This always happens with foam, memory foam, latex mattresses, hybrids, airbeds, latex layers, etc.

Mechanical malfunctions

Several airbeds have pumps, changeable controls, and other mechanical elements which are available for the breakdown year-by-year.


Your mattress is the main culprit to cause neck and lung pain. When the surface is not solid enough, your lung has to bear, and it happens several injuries surrounding areas of neck, lung, and shoulders as well.

The average lifespan of a mattress

Mostly, the average lifespan of a mattress ranges from 7 to 10 years. The lifespan also depends on the type of your mattress and how could you care as well as protect it for a while. For the best uses, a mattress should be 10 years only.

The average lifespan of different kinds of mattress


Mostly, airbeds can last around 8 years. Please note that this category is hard to estimate the exact lifespan. Their mechanical elements are probably vulnerable to get malfunctions.

Mixed foam

The average user of the mixed foam is less than airbed within 6 years only. This is because all foams which are poly-foam and memory foam properties in a mattress could soften over time. This is the lowest time of using a mattress from other types on the current market.


The sinking condition will occur after 6 or 7 years of a mattress lifespan for hybrids. Fortunately, the use time of these mattresses is longer than other types.


You can see latex mattresses in recent years. Several manufacturers always produce this type as it has some advantages for consumers and companies as well. One of the most popular points is its average lifespans. It could get around 10 years and even 15 years. The surface and construction are sturdy than other categories.

Memory foam

how long does mattress lastMost memory foam mattresses have about 7 years. You will see the body impressions in this period of time. These are difficult to recover the original shapes.


Although innerspring mattresses have 7.5 years, the sagging condition will appear in the first use of 3 years. Several consumers complain about this, and some need to change new ones to protect their bodies and avoid other malfunctions.

Some additional tips to protect your mattress and increase the lifespan

Clean the mattress on a regular basis

how long does a mattress lastIn fact, your bed could last longer than the average lifespan if you take care of it all the time. One of this is clean your mattress regularly. Main use includes sleeping for several hours each day as you wish. Do not sleep more than your body need.

You should often clean the surface of the bed once or twice a week. At the same time, do not take foods or beverage on the flat. Change the sheets after sleeping in one week.

Avoid taking heavy objects

Beds are great places to take anything you want to. However, it will reduce the quality of a mattress and make it becomes weaker to recover its shape for a while of using. Never take your entire body to the mattress as the fitness equipment.

Eventually, a mattress can last shorter or longer depending on the individual’s using. For those who want to save lots of bucks, do not go with poor-quality beds. Instead, pay more attention to the daily using and clean it on a regular basis.

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