I Am That Mom

I’m that mom who is probably checking her phone while I’m “watching” my kids at their evening activities.

I’m that mom who forgets to limit her children’s screen time because honestly I’m enjoying the quiet it means for me!

I’m that mom who allows her picky eater to have a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner because I want to enjoy my own meal not battle him to get him to eat!

I’m that mom who always has her camera handy to catch a moment, but stinks at organizing the photos so I’m hard pressed to find the one I want when I am looking for it!

I’m that mom who sacrifices, scrimps, and saves so my children can participate in the extra activities they love because I believe it’s good for them to be active!

I’m that mom who doesn’t really care if you approve of my parenting or not.

I’m that mom who is lousy at reminding her kids to wear their bike helmets but won’t even consider backing out of the driveway until every one of us is buckled in.

I’m that mom who lets her son wear shorts to school when it’s just a little too chilly, because I get tired of trying to convince him it’s too chilly and decide to let him learn for himself.

I’m that mom who won’t let her daughter wear pants/shorts with writing across the ass because frankly I don’t want you staring at her ass!

I’m that mom who makes friends with the other parents at my kids activities so I have someone to talk with.

I’m that mom who thinks Disney channel programming is a secret plot to drive all mother’s crazy.

I’m that mom who is glad my kids never wanted to learn to play an instrument.

I’m that mom who teaches her kids to laugh-at themselves, at each other, at life, at everything.  Because life is better when you’re laughing.

I’m that mom who loves when my teen and preteen want to sit on my lap…even though they are far too big!

I’m that mom who is amazed that my children are as awesome, amazing, creative, talented and funny as they are, and sometimes wonders how I got so lucky?

I’m that mom that if you mess with my kids, or hurt them in any way, will transform into the biggest, baddest mama bear you have ever imagined.

More important than any of those things, I am exactly the right mom for my children.  They are exactly the right children for me.  I screw stuff up, so do they.  I teach them things, and they teach me things.  I fall down, and I get back up.  They fall down, I help them up.

I’m that Mom.



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