When I had the idea, the inspiration if you will, to write this post at first I was going to write it all filled with what I would really love to receive for Mother’s Day.  Then I had another idea!  I would ask my mom friends what they want and see if my wishes are in the minority or the majority!

Guess what?  My wishes are dead on in the majority!

What we really want, what we truly, deeply, wish our family would give us for this one day that is set aside to show us how much we are loved and appreciated is…time for just ourselves!  We want to relax, we want to spend time with the people we love (that means you) and we want someone else to do all the things we normally do.  After all, that’s the only way you can show us that you really appreciate all the hard work that we do every single day, by doing it yourself.

What Mom Really Wants for Mother's Day

My friend Josey, the mother of two little (adorable) boys said what we were all thinking, she wished for “Time alone”.  It’s not that we are ungrateful, it’s not that we don’t love our children and our husbands, it’s just that sometimes we just want to sit down, put our feet up, and not have anyone say our name or please for the love of gawd, touch us!

My beautiful friend Lisa, the mother of three children ranging from grown to high school said it like this: “I don’t care what it is, nothing expensive. I just want something that I know took some thought and not something they just rush out to buy. Something that reflects the real me.”  How amazing would THAT be?

Tracy wished for a clean house, Kyra wished for a weekend away with her spouse, Amy’s wish struck close to home for me, she wished to not have to spend the day dividing time between her own mother and her mother-in-law.  Sign me up for that one, too!

Terrie is a genius, she wishes someone other than herself would clean out the d@mn car!

Brandi has all the bases covered with her wish:” I would like a day where I didn’t have to lift a finger … for anything. Someone else can cook breakfast, lunch and dinner; feed the dogs, tidy up, dishes etc. Basically I would like a day of role reversal where I got to enjoy a “day off”, like everyone in my house does EVERY weekend!”

Yeah, that sounds good…

I think my sister’s wish is basically wishing for the day off from being mom, because this sounds really close to the job description to me! “I want a day to not be in charge, not be the grown up, the referee or the caregiver. I want a freakin day off basically. Is that too much to ask? And if I’m really having it my way it would be in a beach with a drink in my hand.

My single mom friends wish to be recognized for the strain they bear playing the role of both parents.  My friends with young kids wished for a weekend away with girlfriends to be just a woman, just a friend, not a mom or a wife.

I wish that I could give each of my mom friends what they really wish for Mother’s Day.  We deserve it.  This mom thing, this is no joke.  This is 24/7/365 full out marathon that most grown men would run weeping away from.  It’s at once the best job, and the most unrewarding job in the world.  Just when you think you’re done, you’re throwing in the towel and can’t handle it one of those little monsters, beautiful children will do something that makes your heart grow three times its size.  Then we’re back in, we’re all in.  We love them, we adore them, we take this job so very seriously.  We’re raising people here.  These people are everything!  If we do a great job, we’re amazing moms.  If we stumble, we convince ourselves that we’re the worst moms ever.

And this is all before 9 am!

As you’re shopping for Mom between now and Mother’s Day, keep in mind all the amazing things she has done for you over the years.  Think of the times she made you a sandwich, think of the times she let you cry on her shoulder, think of the times she turned into a big old mama bear when someone else made you cry.  She doesn’t want a gift with a big bow and fancy gift wrap.  She just wants to know that you see her, and all she does for you and that it’s helped to make you the person you are today.

If you’re a mom like me, I wish you Happy Mother’s Day and I hope your family treats you like Queen for a Day just as you deserve!

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