Six Things You Need for Your Bed

Each day, we spend nearly one-third of our time to stay on our bed. Many researches show that we spend about 28.3 years to sleep which means bed should be a very important place for us to give special care. You don’t want to spend one-third of your life with an uncomfortable place and regret later, do you?

For many people, a bedroom is their private place and show how they truly are, such as Mr. Grey (lol). Decoration will be a key to deliver good feeling for you in your bedroom, while to commit a comfortable and smooth sleep, there are six things you need for your bed to ensure a nice sleep.

01. Mattress

thing you need for your bed


Mattress will be the most important thing in your bed. This is the main layer, which offers the elastic and the comfort to your body. This depends on your personal taste. Some people prefer a firm mattress; some are toward squishy and I find that most people don’t know exactly what they want and choose a safe plan of somewhere in between.

To choose the most suitable mattress for you, it’s better to see it by yourself and request to try it first at the store. You can test the material, how well it bouncing and asking for the aerodynamics of the construction. There are now many reviews online about these products so you can do some research, ask your friends or don’t be shy to ask the sellers. You will taste a big regret every night if you buy the wrong mattress for your bed.

02. Pillow

Pillow is more than a thing to place your head on. People now require a pillow for hugging, another one between legs and maybe for someone who sleep alone, another pillow is next to them to create a warm feeling.

Recently, when many researches recommend sleeping on your side, they also point out that you need about three pillows on bed to offer the most comfortable position during the night. If you are the one who need that much pillows, you will need to pay attention to select the right one for each spot. At the end of the day, you can always buy another pillow if you think it’s still not good enough.

03. Mattress Topper/Bed Sheets

mattress topper

a memory foam mattress topper by LUCID

A mattress topper will be the layer that touches your skin. An airy, soft and smooth material is highly recommended to offer the best night sleep. It’s better to avoid linen or polyester material. This material might look nicer and more durable but it makes you hot and sweating all night and really annoying. You might want to consider using it during winter but I still recommend to use cotton material instead.

Another thing to consider about topper is the color. White is easy to match with all type of furniture but it could be stain quickly and you have to do laundry quite often.  However, it still depends on your personal taste so go ahead to pick your favorite color.

04. Blanket

Another essential thing you need for your bed. With or without the air conditioner, we still need a blanket to keep warm at night or just for extra protection. Most people actually use a blanket to feel safer when sleeping. Without it, they feel empty and unprotecting. This might be affected by watching and reading to many scary movies and stories. Though, a blanket is truly important because at night, our body temperature could decrease quite low so a blanket will be a great savior to keep you maintains your sleep. Don’t forget to choose the blanket match with your bed sheet.

05. Frame

bed frameWith all of the things above, you need to find something to put them on and make them become a really bed. The final touch is a suitable frame to match with the mattress and other stuffs. The construction and the impressive presence of the bed frame improve a feeling of cleverness, maturity and completion to your bedroom. The frame also has the influence to control the energy and appearance of the whole room. In case you are on the low budget side, a simple headboard like a picture or a bookshelf will be a great option

06. Light/Perfume

The last thing is an option for you to add to your bed. A little light for book reading or just a dim light for better sleep will make your bedroom more comfortable. In case you prefer a gently smell in your room, a perfume candle or bag will enhance your feeling in your bedroom.


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