‘Tis The Season to Get Dressed Up!


I was so excited when DressFirst contacted me about doing a review post about their site and the gorgeous dresses they offer because what girl doesn’t enjoy shopping and looking at shiny, sparkly things!?  Plus, I have a high school daughter this year so looking for cheap prom dresses and cheap homecoming dresses is definitely in my future!


This website is fabulous, it has the same styles that I’ve seen my daughter eyeballing when we are at the mall,  and her friends wearing as they get ready for their big night out.  I’ve chosen just a few of the styles I like to show you in this post, since my daughter is a teenager I’m sure she would pick something completely different.  That’s what being a teenager is all about, right?

The best part is every dress comes with free shipping included.  I don’t know about you but I hate paying for shipping almost as much as I hate paying for parking.  There’s just no joy in either one!

Check out the site, let me know if you find something you like!  I know I’ll be bookmarking it to browse with my teenager when she is ready to shop for her next formal!

And hey, they have SHOES!



2 Comments on ‘Tis The Season to Get Dressed Up!

  1. Chris Carter
    December 14, 2013 at 1:08 PM (4 months ago)

    I totally would shop there if my daughter was older…. they have so many gorgeous prom and homecoming dresses!!! I loved the free shipping too!! parking and shipping…. and taxes. LOL


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