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Last week I was tagged to participate in the Blog Author Tour by my cyber BFF, Crystal Ponti of Mommifried.  I love reading about how some of my favorite bloggers create their posts, and how we are similar and different from each other.

What Am I Working On?

I have a few–three I think if we’re counting–fiction works in various stages of in progress.  I absolutely love the process of creating a story in my mind and then working to find the exact words that will paint the picture I see in my imagination for my readers.  It’s kind of an addiction.  I do hope to publish my fiction stories some day soon!  In the more definite future, I’m excited to have just submitted my contribution to the next installment of The Mother of All Meltdowns series detailing a very funny (now!) story about an argument between my husband and I a few years ago.  Being a part of the first MOAM book has been one of the highpoints of my writing career and has definitely been a huge confidence booster for me even though my story isn’t one of the ones that really sticks with people.  In other words, it didn’t involve poop.

How does my work differ from others in my genre?

Mostly in that I refuse to pick a genre.  I write what I’m passionate about, what inspires me, or what wakes me up in the middle of the night.  I can’t say ‘Oh I’m not going to write about that because it doesn’t fit my genre’.  My muse would revolt!

Why do I write what I write?

I write because it moves me in some way.  It either makes me laugh, makes me cry, or makes my heart go “ohhhh” for a moment.  I’m a romantic at heart and that’s pretty much what motivates me to write everything that I do. I feel something and I want my readers to feel it, too.  If I find something funny I very much want to share the laugh.  If something tugs at my heart strings, or I see a wrong in the world I want you to feel it, too.

How does my writing process work?

It’s very much ‘by the seat of my pants’.  I can’t seem to be able to plan out my posts, or my fiction writing.  Sometimes things come to me in that moment before I fall asleep at night when my imagination is freed of things like schedules and who left whose backpack where.  Sometimes I get the absolutely best ideas while I’m in the shower washing my hair or shaving my legs.  I have found that if I just try to relax in some way and soak up what the world is showing me then I will find my best inspiration for a post.  Sometimes that idea will come from things I see around me, like my post about things we should stop saying to parents of ADHD children.  Sometimes I have a moment when I’m alone in the morning getting dressed looking at my raggety old bra and it tickles my funny bone.  Sometimes I have an idea that I love but I feel the need to get input from my friends and people I trust.  Those posts usually turn out to be some of my favorite because I know they strike a chord with people.  I use apps, or notepad to jot down ideas when they hit me at inconvenient tim/es.  Usually when something inspires me I find it impossible to think about anything else until I write it down.  Writing the post is like therapy for me.  I feel better once I hit publish but I always think no one else is going to like it as much as I do.  Every single person who has ever commented on my blog and told me they loved a post, or they were touched by what I wrote has left a footprint on my heart and I am forever grateful.

Next week, on May the 12th the Blog Author Tour will hopefully continue as Mary from Outmanned Mommy and Meg from Megsanity, Women, Psychology and Expletives share their writing process!


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